Fusion Lemonberry Smoke Report (By MrGreenJeans)

1-Strain:> Lemonberry 

#2-Appearance:> Medium height, Very dense buds 

#3-Taste:> Lemon undertones in the smoke, with hints of pineyness. Just a great smoke. Easy on the lungs.

#4-Aroma:> Most definatly lemon hits you with a sweet oder to it. I could sit in the grow room with it and smell it over and over! Very nice.  

#5-High/Stone type:> More indica stone. Body buzz is there and the high is long lasting. I can feel in in my hands and feet for sure. 

#6-Source:> Fusion seeds, through sanniesshop.com

#7-Price:> About $43.00 US dollars or 30 Euro for I believe 15 seeds. 

#8-Potency:> Great! not sure the THC rating but I would give it a 9 out of ten at least. I would’nt mind a whole room full of it. 

#9-Overall Rating:> Love it, Love it. 10 out of 10

#10-Overall Description:> I found the plant easy to grow and flowered out it, is covered in trichomes. Looks like you rolled it in sugar. see picture of actual bud from plant below. Clones easly also. I would give it a 10 out of 10

#11-Would you Reccomend:> Most definatly!

#12-Smokers General Comments:>Fast growing plant that was ready to harvest in 55 days from the flip of the switch to 12/12. Great job to Fusion seeds!

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Ultimate Rivalry

One of the advertising points that groups like the Marijuana Policy Project are using to further the progress of marijuana reform is comparing alcohol’s effects to that of cannabis. It is a good comparison too considering the popularity of the two substances. 

But is it fair? Some don’t think so, and surprisingly enough those people are the alcohol lobby groups that have given beer and wine their status as America’s (and the world’s) top intoxicating substances. Even if the truth behind MPP’s ads was less than perfect, there is no denying that the opposition from Big Alcohol is purely profit and control driven and not about which substance is actually safer. 

But the real problem for alcohol here is that the ads are not misleading nor wrong: Alcohol IS more harmful to your body than marijuana and alcohol DOES make you more rowdy and reckless. On top of that alcohol causes deaths, and even without using a pristine statistic there is no contest since marijuana’s death rate is exactly zero. 


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Ad It Up

Advertising has always been a thin line between free speech and promoting a commercial product. Most items can be thrown on a billboard and pushed into the faces of consumers in every way whether they want to be exposed to it or not. As we move closer to legalization in America this is yet another mild mannered subject that must be addressed. 

Obviously advertising can be controlled. Tobacco has a hard time pushing their product anywhere but at the store it is being sold at now, and even alcohol (though you wouldn’t think it by the mass amount of ads) has restrictions on when and where it can be promoted. Will the same happen to marijuana? Obviously when the content of the ad has to do with a current or future law, all things are off the table and it is considered free speech. This may upset some people who still view marijuana as the satan of the world, but it is a basic principle of our country despite your view on the subject matter.

The big question is does marijuana even NEED to be advertised? In the history of man it seems that humans have had a simple enough time wanting, attaining, and using marijuana. Besides brand recognition, which is counter to the spirit of marijuana in the first place, there seems little need for any advertising or marijuana besides political issues. 


"When you don’t talk to kids like they have a brain, then they kind of resent you for it and they end up turning everything else out that you do say," Boyer said. "I think you do the best with them by telling them the truth."

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Jesus OG Strain Review (By Discorilla)


#1-Strain:> Jesus OG (Jack The Ripper Pheno)

#2-Appearance:> Very Crystally! Whitish Green in color with Orange hairs. Small and dense.

#3-Taste:>Very Lemony

#4-Aroma:> Lemony

#5-High/Stone type:> Intense and Trippy. This is what it’s like to be ripped. Jesus!

#6-Source:>Homegrown from seed

#7-Price:>Electric Bill and Seeds

#8-Potency:>10!!!!! This is by far some of the most potent bud I have had! The high hits you as soon as the smoke hits your lungs!

#9-Overall Rating:>9. For a grower, a plant that only produces one zip once dry… is kinda a bummer. This pheno is about potency only.

#10-Overall Description:>For a smoker, this strain is the Patron of weed. I love this weed so much! It just doesn’t yield much, so growing it over other things might be hard.

#11-Would you Reccomend:>To smoke… Yes!

#12-Smokers General Comments:>This shit is fire son!

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Celebrity Celebration

Surprise! Miley Cyrus is at it again, doing that thing that is so amazing that the media has to hype it up to the point of the moon landing. It happened to a 20 year old, at a Halloween party, with another 20 year old: Miley was passed something joint-like. 

Everyone complains about celebrities in the news, sometimes over taking other stories that deserve more time. That isn’t really the case when it comes to the documented use of marijuana by some of these famous people. For pot heads it is a community. We just embraced Miley as one of our own. Sure she is the newbie who is always singing way too loud over Free Bird, but Adam Lambert didn’t mind and passed that shit anyway. 

For the community it is just one more person in our ranks, proof that everyone has the chance to know or be the one who smokes marijuana, accepts it, and loves it. I doubt when a star is arrested for or caught being drunk as shit that the alcohol lovers in America feel the same. “Look at that guy puking on himself and then beating his wife, so glad he is one of our own.”


"Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is so much better. And Molly, too. Those are happy drugs — social drugs. They make you want to be with friends. You’re out in the open. You’re not in a bathroom," she told Rolling Stone in September.

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Ski Patrol

Sometimes stereotypes don’t work out. As marijuana legalization moves forward in Colorado, some of the major recreation points have to rethink their policies, if not for safety at least for their family atmosphere. Skiing was not on my list for concern, however.

It was always my understanding that skiing, like surfing and skating, was already ripe with opportunities to smoke a joint whether on or off the slopes, legal or not. Movies and TV have always shown a skier as a rich white boy stoner out to have a little fun. But now some mountains are taking a zero tolerance approach to marijuana. 

Let us be fair here. As a parent I no more want marijuana users going at fast speeds down a mountain as I do drunk people. That is a valid concern for the safety of our children and more novice skiers. It is good to see, though, that now we can have this conversation about marijuana in certain situations out in the open.


Two weeks into ski season, Colorado’s 22 ski resorts leasing land from the federal government are split over whether or not to allow marijuana consumption on the slopes. While the state’s voters legalized the drug last year, the Forest Service does not tolerate marijuana in ski areas. While some resorts are enforcing a zero-tolerance policy regarding toking on the slopes, others will accept it.

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Dog Days

We have come a long way in the marijuana legalization movement and there are a few indicators of this. One, of course, in the increasing amount of U.S. states and other countries who have decriminalized or legalized completely. Another is the growing demand for marijuana to be included in our health care. But there is another big indicator that legalization is just around the corner: Our pets.

Yes, you know something has made it to the mainstream once our pets, particularly U.S pets, are a part of it. They go biking, hiking, to the mall, sport fashionable clothes and hair cuts, and in general do what we do. Now the calls have been made for our favorite companions to sit back, light one up, and get their pot on with us.

That is not entirely true. Rather Vets are starting to seriously consider medical marijuana for pets. We already know that it does affect our most beloved pets, and circumstantial evidence suggest that marijuana is just as good at helping animals as it is humans. Just like us marijuana can not only be a life saver and reduce pain, it can also make those final months in a terminally ill pets life much easier and be of a higher quality.

So while no one thinks that you should be getting your pet high, there is definitely room for medical marijuana in their care. 


Pot works medicinally on pets because they possess endocannabinoid systems as humans do, thus they can be physically and psychologically affected by cannabis. And as it does for humans, a system in cohesion with cannabis protects pets in many ways – for example, a 2012 study conducted at the University of Pisa (Italy) found both the natural endocannabinoid system and consumption of cannabis compounds protects against the effects of allergic inflammatory disorders, such as allergic skin diseases in dogs.

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Last Ditch Response

After the recent Gallup poll that showed a nice majority of Americans are in support of marijuana legalization, the prohibitionist had to scramble for a couple days for a response. Would it be health, crime, or another one of their talking points to address the one thing they always feared?

No, instead of trying to come up with an intelligent response to what is a scientific process, they would rather degrade the poll that carries the bad news for them. I don’t think anyone would ever say that polls are 100% accurate, just based on the sample size, but they do have a scientific standard that is followed and can be used to gather general information from the public. One problem the prohibitionist have though is that if you dismiss one poll, you have to dismiss all polls that follow that same standard (which is all the major ones) whether they support your position or not. 

But there is another outlet to blame for this “inaccurate” poll: Rich people. Americans may actually want legalization of marijuana, but that is only because some billionaires have spent their money on changing the government’s mind. Granted that money can change politics, but to suggest that is the breaking point for public opinion is ignorant and insulting.

Maybe, just maybe, times are changing prohibitionist.


Sabet concedes “there is no doubt that marijuana legalization enjoys more support than it did a few years ago.” He attributes that change to the machinations of “billionaire marijuana smoker Peter Lewis,” who “has spent millions convincing Americans that marijuana legalization will bring ‘money for new schools!’ and ‘safer roads!’ and ‘no more drug cartels!’ if passed.” Sabet seems to think you can persuade people of anything as long as you spend enough money. But if that were true, the federal government, which has vastly greater resources than Peter Lewis, would not be losing this argument.

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African Transkie - Land Race strain (Review by TheApprentice)

#1-Strain:> African Transkie (Land Race strain)

#2-Appearance:> Very pale green looking,good structure to it.

#3-Taste:> Very very smooth,you could be forgiven for thinking you were smoking on a low tar cigarette as it has no harshness on the throat at all and it leaves an almost pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. Definetly a floral type of taste and although it was perfectly cured it tasted almost like an uncured harvest even though it wasn’t,it just had that planty ,vegetative matter kind of taste. One of the smoothest tokes i have ever tasted.

#4-Aroma:> Very deceptive as the strain doesnt have much in the way of pungent odors to it at all,yet it packs a heavy punch in the buzz. Not much of an aroma to report which aint a bad thing in my opinion.Of course,it does still stink the room out after a few spliffs but not as much as the average.

#5-High/Stone type:> VeryVERY potent.What it lacks in aroma and taste it doubly makes up for in potency.The strain has a tremendous sativa type stone,so much so it actually reminds me of a mild hallucinogenic like salvia except its far better and lasts longer. Very giggly type of stone and the buzz lasts for ages. I noticed that you dont need to pack the spliff as much to get stoned plus two spliffs and your stoned! Its a real “creeper” of a stone,after one spliff you still feel straight but half way through your 2nd spliff and B-A-M it hits you like a hammer,great all round head and body buzz….VERY CEREBRAL! 10/10 

#6-Source:> AFRICA (the Transkie mountains and hills of Africa)

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